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shower-tub combo

A shower-tub combo might be the missing design piece in your bathroom. Should you have a bathtub or a shower in your bathroom? Don’t be concerned if you have limited room; the shower-tub combo will work for you.

A shower-tub combo is an obvious choice if you like bubble baths and showers. Here, we’ll look at a shower and tub combo that will give you enough ideas to decide if the shower-tub combo is the right choice for you.

A shower-tub combo is a combination of a shower and a tub. The set includes a bathtub and a shower fixture. It allows you to bathe or shower in the same room.

pros and cons of shower-tub combo

Pros and Cons of Shower-tub Combo

Before you begin your bathroom remodeling project, examine the advantages and drawbacks of installing a shower-tub combo.

Shower-Tub Pros:

  • Saves room. Installing a shower and bathtub together rather than separately saves space.
  • Bathroom installation kits are less expensive; thus, they help you save money.
  • The shower and tub combo are adaptable to the demands of your family and house guests; nobody is excluded by the setup.
  • Resale value. A property with at least one bathtub sells faster than one without one. If you have a shower-tub combo, you may enjoy a bathtub without sacrificing your shower.

Bathtub Shower Combos Cons:

  • You must enter the tub with walk-in tubs to monitor the water level.
  • Showers utilize 12 to 40 gallons of water, depending on water pressure and shower time length.
  • Adjusting the water temperature in a bathtub takes longer than in a shower.
Bathroom Design with Shower-tub Combo

Bathroom Design for Shower-tub Combo

Your bathroom layout possibilities are many. The first alternative is to build a shower-tub combo, ideal for smaller bathrooms. You might look into different types of shower-tub combos in this case.

Check out some of the bathtub and shower design ideas for 2022.

Another alternative is to divide the tub and shower while keeping them in the same room. A shower glass as a barrier is a popular option.

Tub and shower enclosures are your third choice. Placing a small shower and tub in a specific section of your bathroom is what this implies. If you decide to install shower enclosures, ensure you know what the best types of shower enclosures you can buy.

Walk-in Shower vs. bathtub shower Combo

Walk-in Shower vs. Shower-tub Combo

Many individuals redesigning their bathrooms are unsure whether to go with a tub, a shower, or a shower-tub combo. Tubs and showers may be easy, but selecting the proper option may have a long-term influence.

Here are some points to consider if you’re contemplating whether to go with a shower, a shower-tub combo, or a bathtub.

What You Have Right Now

Sticking with what you have today ensures that it matches your area and does not require much extra building effort to install anything new. Since many substitute tubs or showers have nearly the same footprint as a regular tub, many are just different enough to necessitate extensive subfloor work.

Furthermore, replacing something that works is not necessarily the greatest idea; the cliché “leave well enough alone” comes to mind. Still, you might consider improvements, such as rethinking whether it’s the best shower glass thickness for your enclosures or if they need to be changed.

Resale Value of Shower-tub Combo

Resale Value of Shower-tub Combo

Will you be selling your house in the next ten years? If that is the case, you may want to remain with a tub, or if you already have a walk-in shower, you may want to explore adding a shower-tub combo.

The lack of a bath and a shower option might reduce resale value since it excludes buyers who prefer a bath or shower-tub combo. Bathtub shower combo also appeals to the largest family segment, which is the most likely to be in the market for a property.

If you currently have a shower, keep it; if you don’t, consider building one.

Tailor Your Choice

A shower makes sense if you’re redesigning it to meet particular requirements. A tub is an incredibly challenging and perhaps deadly obstacle to overcome for many individuals in that category. A walk-in shower allows you to get to the water without going over the tub’s wall.

A walk-in tub shower combo is another option that allows a person to sit while bathing, regardless of what they select.

A guest room is another location where you can construct a walk-in shower. Few guests will get the time to take a bath, so a shower helps them get and stay clean while visiting you. They can also utilize a shower to clean up quickly instead of taking a bath.

Space for bathtub shower combo


The typical bathtub is 15 square feet in size. A typical walk-in shower takes about 12 square feet. That adds 7% extra space to a confined area like most bathrooms, which is a significant amount of space.

Usage for the Bathtub Shower Combo

Finally, consider who will use your restroom and their requirements and/or preferences. If you have children, you will want the opportunity to bathe them. People who are elderly or disabled will want simpler access. A shower-tub combo option allows each person to choose their washing method.

You should also evaluate your living space over time.


If you want to sell in less than a decade, a shower-tub combo is the best option, considering different types of bathtub shower combos is the best, but if you plan to age in place, you may want to utilize your makeover to set the scene for senior demands.

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