White Natanz Granite

Natanz white granite stone has a white background with tiny and uniform black and gray grading, which are called Gul Panbeie granite. Features of the white granite of Natanz include very high strength, low water absorption, uniformity and mass production. And for this reason, many commercial, office, industrial and residential projects use this granite stone for paving and exterior and interior facades. Natanz white granite is processed in the form of grinded, filmed, cubic and stone table.

Natanz white granite does not have a high diversity and the weak varieties of this stone have black spots, which are called glands and white nodules are scattered in it.

Natanz white granite has several mines, including;

  •  Natanz Habib Elahi White Granite Mine
  •  Natanz Mohammadi White Granite Mine
  •  Natanz Ahrar white granite mine
  •  Natanz Rohollahi White Granite Mine
  •  Natanz Alizadeh White Granite Mine

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Application of Natanz white granite:

Natanz white granite is used in all interior and exterior parts of the building. This stone is very resistant to cold, heat, impact and pressure and is one of the most suitable options for its use in paving and interior and exterior parts of the building.

  •  Paving the interior and exterior of the building
  •  Paving the yard and sidewalks
  •  Paving industrial, food and Sanitary sheds
  •  Exterior and main view, Parking walls and floors
  •  Staircase body and stairs
  •  curb stone

Natanz White Granite Mine:

Natanz white granite mine with a monthly extraction of more than 4,000 tons and reserves of about 2,970,000 tons in Isfahan province, Kashan city, km 5 of Natanz road to Urea village.

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