Pietra Gray Marble

Pietra Gray Marble , locally known as Lashootor marble, is a gorgeous, highly dense and resistant Iranian stone.

Depending on the background color and the number of white lodes, this grayish-black marble can be classified into different types. The Pietra Gray Marble is one of the most famous and best-selling natural stones in the world.

Pietra Gray marble has various applications. For instance, honed and polished Pietra Gray marble is usually used as flooring in public spaces such as lobby, coffee shop, cinema or in the bathroom or even in the living rooms.

Although Iran is known as the origin of Pietra Gray

marble, this stone is exported to many countries all over the world. Moreover, Pietra Gray marble is produced in many stone mills in China, Italy and Turkey.

Pietra Gray marble is subjected to various processes and has numerous applications.

Different types of Pietra Gray marble Processing

1. Honed and polished Pietra Gray marble 
2. Sandstoneblasted or bushhammered Pietra Gray marble
3. Leather Bushhammered Pietra Gray marble
4. Cut broken Pietra Gray marble (manually or machine-processed) 5. Tumbled Pietra Gray marble
6. Windshield and guillotine Pietra Gray marble
7. Cubic Pietra Gray marble

Pietra Gray marble Application

Polished and Honed Pietra Gray marble slabs and tiles are used to decorate floor, interior walls and stairs. bushhammered Pietra Gray marble, Leather Bushhammered Pietra Gray marble, and Tumbled Pietra Gray marble are used to pave yards and and also as a decorative element in building façade. Windshield and guillotine Pietra Gray marble is used as a decorative stones in building facades. Cubic Pietra Gray marble is used as paving in sidewalks. One of the disadvantages of Polished Pietra Gray marble is that it is decolored in sunlight. Depending on the type of processing, quality and thickness of the stone, Pietra Gray marble’s price may vary.

Pietra Gray marble mine

Pietra Gray marble mine is located 35 kilometers south of Isfahan province and is reputed by its capacity (monthly extraction of 3000 tons and annual storage of 363000 tons)

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