Azna Crystal

The Crystallin marble Azna stone is the most famous Iranian stone that was originally put into operation by the late Haj Qnbar Rahimi, known as Arbab. The crystalline marble Azna is also known by the name Arbab stone. White background with irregular gray and diagonal black lines is visible in this stone. The crystalline material of this stone has caused it to have a very good sub and gloss, so that it reflects a very good light and despite the very superior analysis, it is considered as one of the top crystalline stones in Iran and the world. This stone is classified by density of gray and black colors. Despite its bright and crystalline-shaped background, it is very suitable for dim environments. Other Azna crystalline marble stone sorts also have the same transparency and beauty,

except that the background color is darker or the lines are more glossy and high transparency is one of the most important features of Azna stone. The abrasive of this stone, if made of high quality, will double the transparency of the stone.

The crystalline marble stone Azna is often cut as slabs and the designs of the book match and four- match of the crystalls which are very beautiful. Most architects use the designs of book match and four-match of Azna for flooring stone and lobby walls of luxurious halls and buildings.

The crystalline marble stone Azna is much more suitable both qualitatively and pricely than other similar foreign and domestic stones.

If you use the design of book or for match of this stone, you will give the beauty of nature to your home. Stair stones and flooring of luxurious halls are also other applications of the crystalline marble stone. It gives more light and brightness to the environment and it is a good option in low light environments. The characteristics of Azna include high abrasion resistance, bright color, low water absorption and high transparency.

Crystalline marble stone Azna’s application:

Suitable for the exterior and the interior of the building, but due to the very low porosity and smooth surface we should use clamps at the time of installation in order to separate the stone façade from the scoop clamps behind the stone.

  •  Paving the interior of the building
  •  Exterior & Main View
  •  Staircase & Stair ways
  •  Toilets

Due to its unique modern and white color inside the building, especially the design of the book match and the formatch, this stone will create a special beauty to the building.



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