Adavi Marble

Adavi marble stone is a type of Iranian marbles. Adavi marble has a cream color theme with a number of irregular pink lines and white flowers in this cream stone. Adavi stone has veins that are reinforced by resin.

This stone is often processed in 40 lengths and step stones. Adavi stone is also called Adavi spring (Bahar) stone.

Application of Adavi marble:

Adavi marble is suitable for the interior of the building and paving. This stone is a good option to replace expensive stones if it is processed from strong fillers and good

abrasives. Other uses for marble include stair walls, stairwells, parking walls and walkways.

  •  Floor stones of residential units
  •  Floor stones of commercial and residential units
  •  View of the interior walls of the building
  •  Stairs and parking floors

Adavi Marble Mine:

Adavi Marble Mine is located in Khoro Biabank area of Isfahan province.



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