York Building Materials has been manufacturing the highest-quality and premium mirrors for Canadian customers for many years. Despite the material, frame, and style, the Mirror is a truly versatile product that you should have in your interiors.
Use a mirror to reflect images, throw light into dark areas and create the impression of a more extensive and more significant space in any section of your home. We offer the most beautiful frames and mirrors for your homes. You can use our products in bedrooms, bathrooms, and even living rooms.
Our mirrors are made in Canada and are ready to be shipped when you need them. You should just contact us and let us know your taste and specifications.

Where Can You Use Our Mirror Products?
Our mirrors can do more than just allow you to see your reflection. They will make your home appear larger and brighter. There are plenty of uses for different styles of mirrors you order from us in your home or business.
● Use Mirror as a Decor
● Mirrors in Feng Shui

Our Mirror Options
York Building Materials offers various mirror options for you, including full-length, self-supported, wall-mounted, rounded, and square. You need to choose the style and size, and you should also decide what frame you want to use for your mirror.
● Full-length Mirrors
● Self-Supported Mirrors
● Wall-Mounted
● Rounded
● Square
● Custom

How Can You Clean Them?
You will have to clean your mirror and maintain it properly to make your bathroom, living room, or wherever you use your products look beautiful.
Cleaning a mirror is very easy, and you can do it with the simple cleaning solutions that we recommend. Sometimes you can clean them with glass cleaner and a cloth, but if you want your product to look crystal clear, you can use these solutions.
● Distilled water (half cup)
● White vinegar (half cup)
● Corn starch (one tablespoon)

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