What is Clear Tempered Glass?
Clear tempered glass, or tempered safety glass, is a glass that we heat treat to increase its durability and strength. We also call these valuable materials “toughened glass.”
The production process makes the glass resistant to heat, and even if it breaks, it breaks into small and safe pieces making it the perfect material for your DIY projects.
At York Building Materials, we have perfected the process of making your tempered glass products. We cut, polish, and finish your product to your requirements before tempering it.

A Few Facts About Tempered Glass Products
● You can customize your tempered glass’s size, thickness, shape, and edge types.
● You can choose various finishes when choosing the product, including bronze or gray.
● You can select your product with or without a stamp that authenticates your glass is tempered. (Tempering stamp)

Where Can You Use Tempered Glass?
Tempered glass is a versatile material that you can use for most areas around your house or business offices. Here is the list of places where most of our customers utilized their ordered tempered glass.
● Patio Table Tops
● Indoor Table Tops
● Office Partitions
● Home Partitions
● Bathroom Doors
● Glass Selves
● Greenhouses
● Craft Projects
● Home Decor

How Can You Order?
If you want to order tempered glass products for your homes or business offices, you should send us your requirements and the application you wish for your glasses.
Our experts will polish and cut the glass in your desired size and shape and then temper them in our fabrication facilities.
You will receive your tempered glass within 10 to 16 business days. If you do not know how the installation works, you should follow our instructions. You can also call us if you have any difficulties installing your products.
Beyond items such as shelves, tabletops, shower doors, and other custom-made products, we also offer tempered glass panels and sheets with custom sizes and finishes.

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Office Partition

Office partitions with tempered glass are architectural wall solutions that will make your offices more inviting and functional. Over many