31 luxury residential units of luxury building


We take great pride in showcasing our contributions to the completion of the distinguished project at 55 Port St E, Mississauga in collaboration with FRAM Slokker. In this project, we were assigned a responsibility to enhance the living spaces of this luxury building through the provision and installation of mirrors and shower glasses. Our commitment to delivering excellence was not only met but exceeded, as we decorated 31 luxury residential units, the party room, and the reception bathrooms with precision and care.
The essence of our work lies in our meticulous attention to detail which defines us. Mirrors, carefully sized and positioned to amplify natural light and create an illusion of space, became integral elements in crafting an environment of refined elegance throughout all the bathrooms of these luxury units.
Moreover, our shower glasses, available in both clear and acid-etched, were installed with the utmost precision, ensuring privacy without compromising the ambiance of openness. These installations not only reflect our dedication to quality but also our understanding of the unique requirements of a luxury residential project.
Our role extended beyond the individual units, as we curated a captivating atmosphere in the communal spaces. The party room and reception bathrooms stand as testaments to our ability to seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetic appeal.
It is our honor to have contributed to the realization of this architectural masterpiece, and we humbly look forward to continuing our habit of excellence in future endeavors.