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How to Choose a Shower Glass Door? – 8 Things to Consider

How to Choose a Shower Glass Door

Are you considering changing an old shower glass door or purchasing a new one? Our article on how you should choose a shower glass door will provide you with the knowledge you need to make an educated decision.

What Do We Mean By A Shower Glass Door?

We’re not talking about complete corner shower enclosures or cubicles. We’re simply talking about the door, typically used to allow access to a nook bathing space or combined with a side panel of a bathtub.

Things You Should Take into Account When You Want to Choose Shower Glass Door:

When you want to choose a shower glass door for your bathrooms, you need to be precise as it is going to be there for a quite long time. So, read the following question and their answers to

choose a shower glass door that will be perfect for you.

choosing shower glass doors

1. What Types of Shower Glass Door Are There?

The shower glass doors come in various styles, each with its benefits and drawbacks. These are the different types that you need to know to choose a shower glass door for your shower enclosure:

  • Pivot
  • Hinged
  • Hinged
  • Infold / Inswing
  • Sliding
  • Bifold

2. Where Can You Fit the Shower Glass Door

Most people will install a shower glass door into a recess or pair it with a side panel to fit into a corner. This configuration normally requires a square or rectangular showering space.

A single-wall layout, which is less popular but still possible with some shower glass doors, is ideal if you don’t have a spare corner or nook. This is accomplished by using two side panels.

To choose a shower glass door you need to know that not all products feature the necessary profiles to do this, so check with the shop or manufacturer to ensure.

3. Choose a Shower Glass Door With Suitable Width

The smallest size produced for household uses is 700mm. Some versions may be adjusted to be as little as 650mm wide. If you measure it out, 650mm is a fairly small space for most individuals.

Whatever the manufacturers provide, your primary priority should be selecting a shower that you can wash comfortably. Don’t install a shower simply because it meets a requirement.

4. Which Side Should a Shower Glass Door Open?

First and foremost, this situation has no right or wrong; most shower glass doors on the market are now reversible. They may be placed with either the left or right door hinge. To do this with most designs, spin the entire door by 180 degrees or turn it upside down. So, this does not have a high impact on your decision when you want to choose a shower glass door.

A fixed panel is included with sliding shower glass doors. Depending on your preference for accessing the shower space, your fitter will install this on the left or right side. Which manner you install is up to your choice and what is suitable for the particular area.

5. Available Types of Glass Finish

Most types of shower glass doors on the market use clear tempered glass. People prefer simpler basic patterns than frosted dolphin or wave patterns from 20 years ago.

However, several nice tinted black glass designs are available, as well as designs with a mirror on the side panel or center glass piece. Some luxurious frameless shower doors and screen alternatives include tinted glass and black frame shower screens.

6. Choice of Frame Finish

For many years, the only options available were chrome and white profiled shower glass doors. While chrome is still popular, white frames are considered cheap. On certain high-end doors, black, brushed brass, gold, and nickel frames have been introduced lately.

You may find matching shower glass door hardware if you choose brass or gold taps or bathroom hardware. Remember, harsh cleaners can easily harm or wear the coatings on the door profiles.

7. Understanding Door Adjustments to Purchase the Correct Size

Ordering the proper size door is critical for the client because returning it in one piece is difficult. Requiring a replacement would take time, potentially delaying the work and adding rail charges.

It is also problematic for the shop since taking the shower glass door back and delivering the other one again usually costs more than just delivering it once. It is usually higher than the amount the customer believes they will pay only for the delivery.

So be certain that the right door size is purchased in the first place.

8. Buy Cheap, and You’ll Buy Twice

It’s a well-known saying, but especially accurate for products like shower glass doors. The safety level on a less expensive shower glass door should be enough, but you will undoubtedly miss premium features such as easy clean glass.

Worse, some components are likely to be of poor quality. Handles, rollers, and other mechanical parts will almost certainly need to be replaced sooner than they would on a better model.

Documentation and fitting instructions, for example, will be minimal at best. This is when producers must cut corners to save costs. So remember, if you want it cheap, compromises will have been made somewhere, even if it isn’t evident at first glance.

Stick with a reputable brand, or at the very least one whose web listing includes all necessary details regarding the manufacturer’s after-sales service.

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