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Frameless Shower Doors Cost in Toronto – Best Prices

Frameless Shower Doors

Installing frameless shower doors ranges from $500 to $3,000. The price can vary depending on the size, the kind and thickness of the glass, and the finishes and hardware you select. Custom glass frameless shower doors will be on the more expensive end of the scale, although contractors also provide more affordable glass door solutions. For example:

  • Full-size 60′′ frameless shower enclosures can cost up to $3,000 to install.
  • Smaller 26′′ frameless shower doors can cost as little as $500 to install.
  • And anything in between these sizes will cost between $600 to $2900 to install

What Are Frameless Shower Doors?

Most common shower renovations nowadays entail adding frameless shower doors, most commonly made of glass. Shower doors are glass-paneled enclosures with no metal frame support systems.

Many homeowners choose glass shower doors over framed shower enclosures because they are more stylish, seem cleaner, sleeker, and more modern without metal fittings, and are less expensive. Frameless glass showers highlight other aesthetically appealing features of your bathroom, such as tile, stone, and accessories.

Because there is no metal framework to hold the glass, frameless shower doors are often composed of heavy-duty tempered glass with a thick pane. Instead, the glass shower doors are placed using clips and hinges that are caulked and sealed with silicone around the edges. Most contractors will use safety glass to ensure that the glass does not break.

frameless shower glass door


A frameless shower will typically cost between $500 to $3,000, plus an additional $70 per hour for labor and installation. Also, a customized frameless shower usually costs more than framed or semi-frameless shower doors. 

Remember that the installation cost will vary based on the size of your shower, the kind of glass and doors you select, and any additional hardware or modifications you prefer. Thicker panes are often heavier and more expensive to install. Larger showers with customized glass doors can cost up to $3,000, while smaller showers are less expensive.

Also, replacing frameless shower doors is less expensive than replacing the complete shower. Make sure to account for installation and labor, as well as hardware installation, for any choice.

The Benefits

Although frameless shower doors are, on average, more expensive to install than other types of showers, there is a reason why they are so popular among homeowners today. The top advantages of these showers are listed below.

Aesthetics of Frameless Shower Doors

Homeowners who want to modernize their bathrooms loathe the massive metal frame encircling their showers. Shower spaces without metal frames generally appear more open, making your bathroom larger. Frameless glass showers may also highlight bathroom designs and focal points such as gorgeous stone tiles, marble accents, and one-of-a-kind shower fixtures.


Frameless shower doors are durable since they use stronger paned glass and may last for 20-30 years or more if properly maintained. They are also not prone to rust or corrosion without a metal frame, which are common reasons why homeowners opt to replace or repair their showers.

Easy Maintenance

While metal frames are functional, they can be challenging to clean. Metal corrodes with time and frequently draws mold and mildew growth in nooks and corners. Frameless shower doors are significantly easier to clean and maintain because they lack a metal framework. They are also less prone to collecting water or displaying watermarks. Wipe the shower doors after each use to keep them clean and free of water spots.

The Customizability of Frameless Shower Doors

When it comes to frameless shower doors, homeowners have a plethora of design possibilities. Shower and tub doors exist in various sizes, shapes, and combinations and frequently swing outward or inward. You may add accessories like knobs, hinges, and towel bars that complement your showerhead. Continue reading to learn more about the customizability of frameless glass showers.

Customized glass Shower Doors

Without a doubt, the most enjoyable aspect of planning your bathroom makeover is customizing your new shower. In selecting your shower tiles, fixtures, and showerhead, you may collaborate with your contractor to choose a glass & mirror design for the remodel.

Some bathrooms will necessitate glass shower doors. For example, if you are remodeling your master bathroom and want to add a bigger frameless shower area, you may need a custom size for the glass doors. Frameless glass shower doors wider than 60′′ are often called “custom” and will likely cost extra to install.

The standard thickness of frameless shower glass is 3/8′′; however, you may choose the thicker 1/2′′ glass. This type of shower glass door will cost more, but it will have the highest structural durability and the most extended lifespan.

frameless shower enclosure

Is It Worth It to Invest in Shower Doors?

After discussing the price and the benefits of frameless shower doors, are they worth the investment? Frameless glass showers may give your new bathroom the look and feel of a high-end, luxury hotel and make spending time in the bathroom more pleasurable. A shower remodeling may also produce a 70% return on investment when it comes time to sell your property.

If you are debating between semi-frameless and frameless shower doors, remember that frameless doors are often just a few hundred dollars more expensive than semi-frameless doors, so the investment may be well worth it. Framed showers are substantially less costly than any of the preceding alternatives.

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