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Best Examples of Bathtub to shower Conversion

bathtub to shower conversion examples

A bathtub to shower conversion saves space in tiny bathrooms. You’re not alone if you enjoy walk-in showers. Walk-in showers are appealing due to their larger shower area, simple access, and streamlined appearance.

The decision to convert bathtubs to showers is intimately related to one’s lifestyle. A family with small children may want to preserve a bathtub if there is only one bathroom. Another reason is accessibility for people with limited mobility.

Before you continue, we recommend you read how you can convert a bathtub to a shower to have a better perspective.

beautiful tub to shower conversion idea

If you’re already planning a bathroom redesign, now is an excellent time to consider whether replacing the tub with a shower will make sense.

Consider shower size, windows, the type of shower glass doors you can use, lighting, an exhaust fan, and the condition and location of the plumbing when you convert your tub to a shower. Let’s get started now!

Check out the five key benefits below to see why bath to shower transformations are beneficial.

  • Safety:  A shower is often safer than an existing bathtub in terms of safety. They’re also easier to get in and out of, which benefits the elderly. The ability to take a short step in and out of the tub results in fewer unfortunate slips than stepping over the tub’s lip.

Furthermore, the addition of grab bars, shower benches, and wheelchair accessibility makes them a versatile alternative.

  • Conservation: It’s no secret that tubs need a lot of water to fill. The fill time is included with the amount. You’ve left quite a footprint with the water, energy, and time it took to fill the tub.
example of converting a bathtub to a shower

As a result, the tub to shower conversion quickly becomes the more environmentally responsible option and helps you save money on your water bill.

  • Space: Tubs take up more bathroom space while providing a less usable bathing area. Showers can provide additional walking areas, a more open feel, and a significantly larger bathing area.

Even if you have a larger shower, you’ll be surprised how much extra space the bathtub to shower conversion provides. 

  • Health: While baths have many health benefits, they are not ideal for overall skin health. Baths can strip your skin of its natural, protecting oils. Showers with light pressure provide critical hygiene while not robbing the skin of essential skin nutrients.
  • Style: Last but not least, removing a tub gives a bathroom a more appealing, modern appearance. Garden tubs and shower/tub combinations are no longer popular. Large shower space is both desirable and fashionable.

Overall, showers have some significant advantages over regular bathtubs. Here is some bathtub to shower conversion ideas.

Bathtub to Shower Conversion Examples

A bathtub to shower conversion can lead to a complete bathroom remodeling project! It can open up even the smallest of bathrooms by providing a space-saving feature.

Tub to Rolling Frameless Shower

Movable frameless shower doors are an ideal choice for updating a limited space. Because the sliding glass doors roll on tracks mounted above, no swinging door occupies valuable space. It is not only practical, but it also adds a modern touch with a variety of styles.

For example, removing the existing tub creates additional room around the toilet and a bigger bathing area overall in the bathtub to shower conversion.

Tub to Rolling Frameless Shower

The elegance of frameless glass doors will be revealed in a bathroom upgrade to a shower. The attractive patterned ceramic tile on the wall and shower floor you carefully selected can shine without obstructing a shower curtain or frame.

 A rich color scheme used throughout creates a warm and unified end product. When you convert a bathtub to a shower, the fixture color in the walk-in shower can bring the bathroom up to date, harmonizing with the other color elements in the shower’s tile work.

The shower wall, countertops, and wood additions can even out the palette, providing a fresh and streamlined style with an even split of light and dark.

Tub to Semi-Frameless Shower

Semi-frameless shower enclosures combine the advantages of both worlds. By adding more solidity to the framed edges, you may ensure their integrity. Simultaneously, leaving other edges with the appropriate clean glass corners provides a seamless finish to your shower.

Tub to Semi-Frameless Shower

The semi-frameless shower cubicle maximizes space by providing twice the bathing room without the bulky tub.

In terms of style, converting a bathtub to a shower takes a huge step from basic to elegant. Dark neutrals can be replaced with cool tones and different wood textures, resulting in an incredible transformation.


A bathtub to shower conversion will transform your bathroom. It has several benefits beyond aesthetics; for example, it helps move around the bathroom more freely. Whatever your taste, there is a bathtub to shower renovation that’ll suit you. Similarly, limitless customization options ensure that your completed product is precisely what you envisioned.

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