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Most Complete Guide for Choosing 90-Degree Shower Glass Enclosure

90-degree shower glass enclosure

.A 90-degree shower glass enclosure is one of the best systems to upgrade your bathroom. Did you know that a separate bathtub and shower system is still Canada’s most popular bathroom layout? If you add a suitable corner shower enclosure to this bathroom layout, it will become the most significant bathroom. Most homeowners prefer having a spa-like bathroom to spend their time in their tubs after their long days and relax. Instead of having a tub, some people choose shower glass enclosures with a separate free-standing bathtub. This option is aesthetically striking, and the installation process is much easier than the traditional tub.

What is a 90-Degree Shower Glass Enclosure?

A 90-degree shower glass consists of two perpendicular walls and two additional glass walls that meet each other and create a square or rectangular stall with the other two walls.

One glass wall in a 90-degree shower glass enclosure is generally a single sheet of fixed glass, while the other one includes fixed glass and a glass door panel. Tempered glass is usually used for better safety and stability along with other components with different materials depending on the enclosure you choose for your shower.

In summary, the features of a 90-degree shower glass enclosure are:

  • Two sides of the enclosure consist of the bathroom walls. (Typically tiled)
  • Two sides are made from safety glass or tempered glass.
  • All angles of these shower enclosures are 90 degrees.
  • There is at least one glass door in this enclosure.

What Shower Glass Doors are the Best for 90 Degree Corner Shower?

The best doors for a 90-degree shower glass enclosure are:

  • Swinging Doors
  • Sliding Doors

Swinging Doors for 90-Degree Shower Enclosure

You can choose a swinging shower glass door for your 90-degree enclosure since it is beautiful and gives your shower the luxurious feel everyone wants. If you wish to use a swinging door, you need to ensure that there is plenty of space for the shower door to swing open into your bathroom. Next, consider the hinge type, which is:

  • Wall Mount: These door hinges are attached to the surface of your door panel and the bathroom wall or fixed glass next to it. They are used for a classic appearance, do not require a header, and seal the door when close.
  • Pivot Hinges: These shower glass door hinges attach the door panel to the surface below or above. Pivot hinges are perfect for contemporary styles.

Sliding Doors for 90-Degree Corner Shower

If you prefer a more space-efficient shower glass door for your enclosure, the sliding door is best. Unlike swinging doors, sliding shower glass doors hang from a header and glide open and shut like rollers. The most common sliding door types are three single and dual roller systems.

If you want a sliding door for your 90-degree shower glass enclosure, you need to know that one side will typically consist of the door system itself, while another will be made up of fixed tempered glass.

Sliding shower glass doors are perfect for homes with simple but sleek designs.

90 degree shower enclosure

Choose Frameless 90-Degree Shower Glass Enclosure

When we talk about the most popular 90-degree shower glass enclosure, we speak about frameless designs. These modern designs eliminate almost all metal components associated with the glass shower. You will not find any glass edges framed, and the glass is fixed with small metal clips, caulk joints, header, or hinges.

Since frameless 90-degree shower glass enclosures do not have metal components, using heavy glass is necessary for better stability.

Advantages of Frameless Shower Glass Enclosures are:

  • Cleaning shower glass doors is easy.
  • Airy and open ambiance for bathroom and shower stall.
  • Modern and trendy shower enclosure design.
  • Showcase your shower tiles perfectly.

Is Semi-Frameless 90-Degree Shower Glass Enclosure Available?

Although a frameless 90-degree shower glass enclosure is the most popular type, semi-frameless designs are budget-friendly options. One of the most popular semi-frameless doors for the shower is the bypass door, which is defined with:

  • It’s framing around the perimeter of the shower enclosure
  • Frameless shower door panels.
  • Dual shower doors that slide in tracks that are generally made from metal.

What are the Glass Options for the Glass Door?

Your choice of the glass material and style for your shower glass doors and enclosure is one of the essential decisions you will make when customizing your beautiful 90-degree shower glass enclosure.

The glass type will not only determine the look of your shower but whether the wall tiles remain visible and how much light travels through the shower stall and the bathroom.

The best options for the glass shower doors are:

  • Clear Tempered Glass
  • Acid-Etched
  • Patterned Glass
  • Tinted Glass

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