4 Best Types of Shower Enclosures

best types of shower enclosures

Humankind designed different types of shower enclosures inspired by nature. The first showers were called wet rooms. Since showers are an integral part of our homes, it is essential to make them efficient and beautiful. Many people equip their bathrooms with different shower hardware such as a showerhead, toothbrush holders, and faucets to make the place look contemporary. However, the best way to upgrade your showers and make them look modern and elegant is by using the best types of shower enclosures.

What are the Primary Advantages of Different Types of Shower Enclosures?

The primary reason for using different types of shower enclosures is to separate the dry and wet areas of your bathroom. The shower enclosures that we offer surround the shower area, and we install them with railings or rods fixed to the walls or ceiling.

In Canada, most homeowners prefer their bathrooms to be dry and clean. So, finding, choosing, ad buying the best types of shower enclosures is crucial.

Purposes of Using Types of Shower Enclosures

  • You can have better privacy with the best types of shower enclosures.
  • With shower glass doors and compartments, you will prevent water from flooding outside the bath while offering an elegant look to your bathroom.
  • A shower enclosure makes your bathroom more organized.
  • Since the enclosure keeps the steam inside the area, you can enjoy a warm and relaxing shower.

What are the Best Shower Enclosure Doors?

There are different types of glass shower doors that you can choose for your enclosure. Each type has its unique characteristics.

If you want to have the best types of shower enclosures for your bathroom, it is essential to choose a shower door that is suitable for your needs and design.

Shower doors have different styles and are made from various materials. We understand that it is confusing to choose the best type and material. So we have provided a complete guide on the Types of Shower Glass Doors which will help you make the best decision for your shower enclosures.

modern shower enclosure in Toronto

Now let’s Check Out the Best Types of Shower Enclosures in Canada.

Various things play an essential role in defining the best types of shower glass enclosures. However, the most important things are the shape and size.

There are primarily four types of shower enclosures available for Toronto homes, which are:

  1. Square
  2. Rectangular
  3. Semi-Oval
  4. Half-Circle

Based on your bathroom specifications and requirement, you can choose one of the best types of shower enclosures in the list above. Now let’s take a look at their details to help you decide which is the most suitable one for you.

1- Square Shower Enclosure

One of the best types of shower enclosures in Canada is the square enclosure which has the same length on all its four sides.

This shower enclosure is the best when it comes to saving space as it can be fitted to a corner or a wall without requiring complex installation.

The primary material with the square shower enclosure is glass which creates the illusion of more space in your bathroom. The tempered clear glass will be the best option if you want this type for your home.

2- Rectangular Enclosures

Do you need more room in your bathroom? If yes, the best choice for you would be the rectangular enclosure which is among the current best types of shower enclosures in Canada.

This shower enclosure type is more extended than the square one, and it is ideal for irregularly shaped spaces. It has longer side walls and shorter end walls.

3- Semi-Oval or Quadrant Shower Enclosures

Semi-oval or quadrant shower enclosures have two ends similar to square types. The middle side of this enclosure has a straight side, and the other end is curved.

The straight side of semi-oval shower enclosures is usually placed against the wall, with the curved side facing outward. These types of shower enclosures are perfect for modern and minimal bathroom designs.

4- Half-Circle Enclosures

The last of the best types of shower enclosures in Canada is the half-circle which has one straight side, and the other sides are curved. Half-circle enclosures are the most modern and stylish type, perfect for current design trends. However, the problem with these types of shower enclosures is that they occupy more space than the others.

Half-circle enclosures are more expensive and have a complex installation process. But, you should not be worried. York Building Materials have provided a guide to help you with your shower enclosure installation process.

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