10 Best Tempered Glass Applications and Usages

Tempered safety glass is a commonly used material in residential and commercial applications. Clear Tempered glass is heat-treated material that is four times stronger than regular, annealed glass. Additionally, it is safer because of its unique characteristics that when it breaks, the tempered glass disintegrates into small pieces which will not harm you. So, tempered glass applications and usages can be limitless. However, there are some common ones that you should know.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tempered Glass

Before you know the tempered glass applications, it is better to have some idea of its advantages and disadvantages. There are many reasons behind the tempered glass applications and usage in residential and commercial applications. Here is the list of benefits and drawbacks of these materials.

Advantages for Tempered Glass Applications

  1. Tempered glass is way more robust than ordinary glass, and it is also resistant to bending.
  2. Tempered glass applications are many since it is the safest glass on the market. It disperses into pebble-like pieces when it breaks rather than harmful and sharp shards of glass.
  3. This glass is perfect for interior doors, commercial windows, and partitions since it is scratch resistant and will stand up to daily use. This is why glass partitions are mainly made from tempered glass in offices.
  4. Regular glasses can generally cause dangerous shards when exposed to heat. However, the production process of tempered glass allows the material to withstand high temperatures without causing any problems. So, tempered clear glass has become one of the most used materials in shower enclosures.
  5. Due to the vital characteristic of tempered glass, the interior designer can use them in many creative and unique ways. For example, it can be used for frameless shower glass doors, interior doors, and partitions.
  6. Building materials suppliers offer tempered glass products with various patterns and designs to complement your home’s design and style. The most common options are frosted, patterned, clear-colored, and engraved glasses.
  7. Another reason behind the vast array of tempered glass applications is its high-quality characteristics offering crystal clear clarity and beautiful results in various settings. So, you can choose tempered glass for shower doors, cabinets, or display cases.

Disadvantages of Tempered Glass

  1. After the tempered glass is produced, it is no longer possible to cut or process it. Manufacturers can process the material to your desired shape before tempering.
  2. Although tempered glass is more robust than regular glass, it can be exploded due to sudden impact.

clear tempered glass partitions

Tempered Glass Applications

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of tempered glass material, you can imagine that there are many places you can use them in your residential or commercial project. Here are the most common tempered glass applications that you can find today.

Mobile Devices

Your smartphone display and the laptop screen are made from high quality and modern tempered glass. Additionally, the protective screens you use for your mobile or laptop are also made from tempered glass.

Kitchen Appliances are Among Tempered Glass Applications

One of the most common tempered glass applications is kitchen appliances. This strong glass is used in kitchen devices, including stoves, ovens, and other instruments that deal with a high heat levels.

Tempered Glass is Used in Automotive Parts

Manufacturers use tempered glass to make safer windows for vehicles.

Construction Applications

Residential usages are the most common tempered glass applications nowadays. The glass is used in various home systems, including shower enclosures, windows, glass facades, swimming pools, and sliding doors.

Sports Arenas

One of the tempered glass applications you can see is around hockey rinks.

Tempered Glass Office Partitions

The office partitions in your workspace should be safe while being beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

Retail Stores Fixtures with Tempered Glass

Most of the tables and display cases in retail stores are made with tempered glass since they are strong enough not to break when a robber tries to steal something.

Glass Railings 

Glass railings are other tempered glass applications that are used in offices, stores, and commercial and public areas to provide safe stairways or balconies.

Tabletops and Counter Tops with Tempered Glass

Since high-quality tempered glass can withstand heat and resist damages such as scratches, it is often utilized for making conference tables, kitchen countertops, coffee tables, and other furniture.

Solar Panels are Also Among Tempered Glass Applications

Some of the current solar panels are made from thermally strong, heat resistant, and durable tempered glasses.

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