Best Shower Glass Thickness for Your Enclosure

shower glass thickness

When you go shopping and want to buy shower products, you will see some items will have different shower glass thicknesses. These items usually contain components that are made from glass, such as whole shower enclosures, wet room screens, walk-in shower screens, shower glass doors, and full-size shower screens.

We measure shower glass thickness in millimeters and refer to the depth of the glass you choose for your shower door or enclosure. We provide various sizes, so understanding the advantages of each size is a vital factor ahead of buying one. Knowing the shower glass thickness is also helpful for clarifying any price-point differences if you look at the benefits of spending more on shower products that are made from sturdy glass.

This complete guide aims to give you the knowledge on all essential questions about shower glass thickness and more, including common jargon you may experience relating to the thicknesses.

What is the Standard Shower Glass Thickness?

Generally, shower glass thickness is 6mm, which is average weight and durability. Every shower glass needs to withstand force, particularly for items such as screens and shower doors that experience shocks and frequent movement when in use, as well as from maintenance and cleaning.

Shower glass needs to be sturdy enough to be used in enclosures and cubicles since it will need to be moisture resistant, long-lasting, and provide a quality feel.

The thickness of shower glass you choose, the more fragile you will have, so it is crucial to have a reasonable thickness to help you improve protection, longevity, and quality.

The Best Sizes for Shower Glass Thickness are:

  • 4mm
  • 5mm
  • 8mm
  • 10mm
  • 12mm

When considering buying non-standard shower glass thickness, it is good to remember that you may often have some limitations in that range for matching shower items. Additionally, other supporting items in your enclosure or shower doors, such as hinges and bars, may only be available from a few suppliers. With this said, it would be best to evaluate whether you want the standard size in case you need spare parts or want to update your bathroom.

How Thick Should the Glass Be in Your Shower?

This is actually a matter of personal choice. Many manufacturers say that the thicker the glass, the higher the chance you have to add luxurious characteristics to your shower. However, this is not true as it will be heavy and expensive.

Experts advise that shower glass thickness is an aesthetic and physical feature, meaning the thicker glass is generally more visually appealing than thinner glass products. However, thicker shower glasses are heavier, resulting in a more complex installation process. But, one of the best things about thick shower glass doors is that the slower movement when opening and closing them gives the customer a better feel.

However, the types of shower enclosures and their design or shape can impact the shower glass thickness you want to use. It is crucial to buy a shower glass that has a thickness to fit into your bathroom or shower design.

8mm or 6mm Shower Glass Thickness?

You can benefit from various advantages of choosing thinner shower glass over large sizes such as 8mm, including:

  • 6m shower glass thickness is cheaper and perfect if you are on a budget.
  • Thin shower glasses are extremely common and ideal for shower door replacement, fittings, and fixtures.
  • There is a wide array of colors, styles, finishes, and designs.
  • Thin shower glass doors are also safe and come with all the accreditations of larger sizes.

Despite the benefits of 6mm shower glass thickness, you want to buy a higher level of quality with 8mm glasses, while the extra few millimeters can provide additional strength and peace of mind.

So, 6mm or even 4mm shower glasses are great alternatives to 8mm or 10mm, where cost is a factor for you.

8mm or 10mm Shower Glass Thickness?

It is about quality and feels when we compare smaller shower glass thicknesses to larger ones, like 10mm. For example, if your shower door has a more solid feel and sounds good when you shut it, you can tell it is a high-quality glass used in the door.

So, you can use 8mm or 10mm shower glass thickness for the enclosure’s door. But, the most important thing is how you will feel when using the product.

8mm and 10mm shower glass thicknesses are both durable, long-lasting, and safe. Cleaning shower glass doors that are thicker is much easier as they are sturdy.

Should All Fittings Have the Same Thickness?

While it may seem that it would be best if every single part of your shower had the same size, this is not necessarily the case. For instance, it can be logical to have a much sturdier and thicker shower door than usual shower panels. However, the primary consideration when buying shower glass products is that some manufacturers only offer products that can be used with their produced shower trays or fixtures. So, it is essential to check in advance about flexibility.

What are the Best Shower Glass Thicknesses?

Based on what we discussed earlier, it may seem that the best shower glass thickness is the largest, but it primarily depends on the purpose. It is always an excellent choice to visit a shower glass supplier with shower products on display to get a feel for the differences. But for now, let’s see what glass thickness is the best for each purpose.

Best Shower Glass Thickness for Shower Enclosures

If you are looking for a product with an outstanding balance between reliability and affordability, then 8mm toughened glass is the best option for modern shower enclosures. This shower glass thickness provides sturdy support for your shower enclosure.

However, choosing the best shower glass thickness for your shower enclosure depends on your circumstances. If you are looking for the best glass in terms of cost, then 6mm toughened glass is the ideal option, while 10mm shower glass offers a more luxurious feel.

Best Thickness for Shower Glass Doors

Since shower glass doors are frequently used daily, they must be more resistant. As you know, 8mm glass thickness tends to be famous for shower doors. However, there is a difference between 10mm and 8mm with a mother opening and a sturdier feel.

Many of our customers want to upgrade their glass shower doors with thicker glasses just because of the noticeable difference in quality and feel. Additionally, it is good to know that thicker size glasses are best for hinges shower doors or sliding shower doors.

Best Glass Thickness for Walk-In Shower Screens

When it comes to choosing the best shower glass thickness for walk-in shower screens or wet room screens, the ideal choice is the 10mm product. However, you can also choose an 8mm shower glass if you want to.

10mm shower glass thickness is perfect for walk-in shower screens since it is a standalone glass wall and can be held in place with a single bracing bar.

Best Thickness for Over-Bath Shower Screens

If you want to pay for the best shower glass thicknesses for your over-bath shower screens, 8mm is ideal. However, you can also use toughened 6mm glass since it can function as a barrier as a splashback to stop water from escaping onto other areas of your bathroom.

What is Safety Shower Glass?

Some manufacturers mention that they made the items with safety glass. Safety glasses are also known as tempered glass, designed to withstand much more force, make it harder to break, and reduce the risk of injury.

There are different safety glasses available for shower glass items, and the primary ones are: laminated glass and toughened glass. We recommend using tempered glass for your shower glass doors or enclosures.

What is a Toughened or Tempered Glass?

The phrase tempered glass is referred to frequently concerning shower glass thickness which is a glass that has undergone a particular process of intense heating and fast cooling to create a more robust material than the standard ones.

High-quality tempered glass doors and enclosures have been designed so that even if they shatter, they break into small pieces instead of big shards that can cause severe injury.

How Strong is 4mm-10mm shower glass thickness that is toughened?

When talking about the strength, it varies between the glass products and their depth. The strength of tempered glass can be between 2x stronger than standard glasses for 4-6mm thicknesses, while for higher quality glasses with 10mm thickness, it is about 5x stronger than annealed glass.

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