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Best office layout for collaboration in 2023

best office layout

Creating a suitable office layout designed in principle and based on work goals and, at the same time, motivating is one of the most important factors that have been considered in the workplace in 2023.

After 3 years of the corona pandemic and the need to control this epidemic , which led to a Reduction of people commuting and direct interactions and providing a remote work solution After that, the employees are used to this way of doing work Because despite the comfort and tranquility of the home environment and the reduction of communication tensions with colleagues, They have less desire to be present in traditional and formal and stressful work environment Therefore, as an employer or the owner of a brand or company, if we do not move along with the needs of society and are not flexible, we will face failure, On the other hand, we have to seriously attract and encourage employees to the work space in order to keep up with the competitors, in order to increase face-to-face communication, which requires increasing more innovations in line with business goals  because All people, both employers and employees, need favorable and satisfactory psychological conditions to progress and do better work and use their skills optimally.

 In this article, we intend to provide solutions and the need to implement them in 2023 to update and reduce the level of stress and increase the psychological satisfaction of company employees in the workplace.

office layout trends

The basic tips for arranging office layout are:

Take advantage of the guidance of experts in the field of decoration design.

 They will definitely provide the best and cheapest solutions according to the needs of your office space.

Do not remove colors.

Yes, Do not neglect the importance of warm colors. Colors have a major impact on reducing stress levels and increasing the creativity and motivation of people at any age.

Creating glass partitions instead of walls

Glass partitions allow employees to be exposed, and being aware of this, they should perform their duties with focus and precision and avoid wasting time and unnecessary work. In addition, removing the old walls creates a more modern space.

Appropriate and modern lighting

Creating sufficient and gentle light, especially Modern lighting tools, make the space more beautiful and provide more suitable light and occupy less space also cause makes people more productive.

Large desks for shared use by employees

Preparation of large tables, which are used as a tool for business meetings and daily tasks, and for employees to spend their rest time together while having coffee or lunch.

Even if you can’t afford new equipment, bring employees closer together by placing small desks together. This helps reduce their stress and increase their level of interaction, achieve the official atmosphere, and perform their duties satisfactorily.

Choosing comfortable furniture and chairs considering ergonomics

Since people spend a lot of time behind the computer to perform their duties, one of the most important points that you should consider as an employer is their health. Ergonomic chairs have engineered and adjustable structures which greatly impact their health and physical condition and reduce their back pain.

Using plants in different places or creating a small green space

Increasing beauty, reducing stress, feeling comfortable and refreshed, creating humidity by plants, and creating more motivation. All these points increase people’s health and productivity.

Benefiting from natural light

Most people do not have natural light in their workplace, and this causes depression and fatigue over time. Before choosing a building for your office, do not neglect the importance of windows facing the sun, and if you don’t have these conditions for any reason, use light-reflecting tools and objects or combined lights.

Relaxation room

If you think that gaming is only for children, it’s time to reconsider.

 Psychological analyses prove that playing for children and all ages and genders reduces negative emotional and psychological tensions, relieves stress, and increases creativity, motivation, and happiness.

 Proper ventilation and temperature

A company with low welfare standards, including ventilation and heating and cooling systems, causes dissatisfaction and negative interaction among employees and a feeling of not belonging to the company.

beautiful modern office layout

The last word:

Following all these tips as a business owner will make your company look professional and up-to-date; on the other hand, because your employees work many hours of their day in your collection, they will be grateful to you for the importance of their basic and psychological needs and the more and more use of their skills and ability to advance your goals and perform their duties with a greater sense of responsibility.

We have also provided a complete design checklist for the office, which we recommend you read.

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