8 Easiest Ways to Clean Shower Glass Doors

clean shower glass doors

Nothing beats a hot and relaxing shower in the morning, but your delight in becoming clean may be diminished if you look around your shower glass and notice mildew, soap scum, and other residues on the glass doors and think about how to clean shower glass doors. The ideal time to clean shower glass doors is just after putting on your comfortable towel. After all, the doors are still damp, and the hot water’s mist makes it easier to dig into the loosened germs and soap residue and clean shower glass doors.

If frequent cleaning isn’t your style, you can also clean shower glass doors once a week and get good results.

Cleaning supplies are numerous, and many can be found on store shelves. You could also clean shower glass doors on your own with dish soap, distilled white vinegar, table salt, baking soda, a soft sponge, or a microfiber rag. Because vinegar is acidic, it may damage stone, so if your bathroom has a stone surface, leave it out and replace it with DIY cleansers made of baking soda and dish soap instead.

Types of Shower Glass:

  1. Clear Glass Shower Doors
  2. Low-Iron Shower Glass
  3. Clear Tempered Glass Doors
  4. Frosted and Opaque Glass Shower Doors
  5. Tinted Glass Shower Doors
  6. Rain Glass Shower Doors
  7. Textured Glass Shower Doors

Read our guide about the best types of shower glass doors to learn more details about each one.

cleaning shower glass

Here we present you some solutions to clean shower glass doors:

1. Prevent the Formation of Water Stains and Soap Scum Marks on Glass Shower Doors

After each shower, you may help maintain your glass shower enclosures to be nice and clean. Need to get in the habit of cleaning shower glass doors of any additional drops that remain after showering, as these can accumulate and stain the Glass. Some even include suction-cup handles, allowing you to handle them without getting out of the shower. Alternatively, you can use a handy bath towel to dry up any excess water on the walls and clean shower glass doors.

2. Make Your Own Glass Cleaner to Clean Shower Glass Doors

If you enjoy DIY, you’ll enjoy creating your own bathroom cleaners. Distilled white vinegar is a perfect cleaner that can be used on various household items, including on shower glass doors.

3. Install a Water Softener to Have Cleaner Shower Doors

One of the causes of the excessive buildup on glass shower doors is the presence of dissolved minerals such as limescale, calcium, and magnesium in the hard water that flows from our taps. With water softeners, you can remove minerals in hard water, which makes cleaning shower glass doors easier. Many hotels employ these to maintain their facilities immaculately.

4. Ensure that the Glass Shower Doors are Defogged

After adequately cleaning shower glass doors, spray them with glass cleaner and dry them with a paper towel. Next, apply a small amount of shaving cream to the Glass and buff it clean; it should be fog-free for a few weeks.

5. To Prevent Scratching the Glass Shower Doors, Only Use Soft Materials

You’ve already lost the battle to keep your glass doors spotless if you scratch them during the cleaning process. Glass is delicate, and using the incorrect chemicals or cleaning material while cleaning shower glass doors might damage the Glass, something that cannot be reversed. To avoid this, always use and microfiber cloths, soft sponges, towels.

6. Use Essential Oil to Clean Shower Glass Doors

Cleaning using essential oils reduces the need for bleach while also deodorizing and freshening your shower. Drop a few drops onto a cloth or sponge and wipe off the shower glass. You can also add essential oils to your homemade cleansers. Using such items can also help prevent soapy residue from clinging to the Glass, and your bathroom will smell lovely.

7. Make Clean Shower Glass Doors Shine by Using Industrial Cleaners

Specific active elements, such as dirt, hard-water residue, and residual soap help remove bathroom buildup and clean shower glass doors. White vinegar, ammonia, oxygen bleach, isopropyl alcohol, and citric acid are among them. Some of them, such as ammonia, release gases that can cause problems or even be dangerous. Both white vinegar and isopropyl alcohol have strong odors.

Check to see what works best for you before starting to clean shower glass doors, and be cautious when blending cleaners. For example, combining bleach and ammonia produces chloramine, a poisonous gas that can cause nausea and coughing.

8. Dryer Papers Could Also be Used to Clean Shower Glass Doors

Sometimes the dryer sheet may remove the smudges and grime and help you clean shower glass doors. At the same time, other times, it will function as a loosening agent, and you will need to use additional methods to remove the remainder. Furthermore, these little miracle sheets not only help clean shower glass doors but may also clean any bathroom surface soiled with residue, such as your sink.

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