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10 Best Interior Design Styles in 2022

interior design styles

If you have been researching how to renovate or make your home’s interior properly, you probably have seen different interior design styles, including modern, industrial, art deco, etc. Each of the current interior design ideas and types has unique characteristics, finish, experience, and flavor. Thus, choosing the most practical and suitable one for your home can be challenging. But there is no need to be worried. We have provided this article to make things clear for you and help you decide which of the best interior design styles is the perfect one for you.

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Our list for best interior design styles in 2022 is:

Modern Interior Design Styles

It is essential to know that modern and contemporary interior design styles are two different categories. The modern design features clean and simple color schemes, pure individual elements, a welcoming feel, and utilizes glass products.

White and black are the main hues in the pallet that generally have faded shades of blue, red, and other prime hues.

These interior design styles feature living rooms that have minimalist designs with open floor plans. Modern interior designers focus on black colors and other primary hues with current art styles contrasting the colors.

The furniture should be functional and straightforward with tidy lines. Additionally, lighting plays a crucial role in modern interiors, while accent lights are used for highlighting particular elements, sculptures, architectural features, etc.

The primary idea of modern styles is to create clutter-free and straightforward houses with no unnecessary decorations. Since functionality is the primary purpose of current styles, everything you use should fulfill practical reasons.

modern interior design styles

Contemporary Design for Interiors

Contemporary designs are interior design styles that refer to current trends, which means that a contemporary style in the 2010s is not contemporary now. However, it is considered modern.

These interior design styles can be adjusted to each room in your house, including the kitchen, bedrooms, living room, etc. For example, a contemporary kitchen design mixes traditional and new styles that make it perfect for all family members and guests who sit around and chill.

Contemporary style is more like living with modernity. The design can feature minimalist, art deco, modernism, or even historical styles.

contemporary interior design

Art Deco Interior Design Styles

Art deco interior design styles became trendy in the 1930s. However, art deco design was about bolder, more extensive, and brassier interiors. If you want to create these styles for your home, you should use furniture that features swelling curve designs and other decor fixtures or items stipped down or pared.

Some interior designers refer to this design as modernist.

art deco interior design

Mid-Century Style

The mid-century style was typical in World War 2. This interior design style emphasizes on vivid use of the hue. Comfort and timelessness are the primary characteristics of this style, making it one of the best interior design styles of all time.

Mid-century is perfect for you if you want your interiors to have a retro feel with a fresh twist. With this style, you can create a home that is an expression of you.

mid century design for house

Minimalist Interior Design

Australian interior designers were the first who introduce the minimalist style to the world. This interior style emphasizes minimalism in all angles of your home design, from simple furnishing to neutral hues, to functional accessories.

Everything you will see in minimalist design is simple, streamlined, and necessary.

minimalist interior design styles

Scandinavian Interior Design Styles

Another design that embodies a functional and simplistic style is the Scandinavian interior design. The main difference between this style and minimalist designs is that it emphasizes affordability.

Most of the decoration items and building materials in this style should be ornaments, with organic and clean details, rounded furniture, as well as featuring white and black color pallets. Most designers call this style a blend of mid-century and minimalist styles.

Scandinavian Interior Design

Shabby Chic Design

The shabby chic interior design styles are mainly characterized by laid-back vibes, antique-touch furniture, airy light fixtures, and vintage-inspired charm.

Modern style interiors inspire this particular design, but it has some additional elements of contemporary styles.

Shabby Chic Design

Eclectic Interior Design Styles

If you are good at picking ideas and inspiration from a diverse range of design sources, eclectic interior design styles are the best way to upgrade your homes.

This interior design will create a home for you that is rich and layered with various ideas picked from design and style spanning centuries. You can bring contrasting style elements, textures, and colors together to create a unique feel.

With this said, the main idea of using eclectic style designs is to utilize all the styles from history and create something extraordinary and fresh.

Eclectic Interior Design Styles

Industrial Home Design

Industrial designs are all about uniting style and utility. This style offers industrial-style interiors that expose different building materials, including stone products, pipes, recycled materials, bricks, and metal.

Home designers that use industrial style create a stylish space by focusing on utility and functionality while combining modern elements with an organic feel.

This style generally features open floor plans, and the furniture is used for breaking your home’s space. Designers believe that this is the easiest way to give your home a unique appearance.

Industrial Home Design

Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse design is a rustic interior style that allows you to unite with nature since it features many organic elements and materials. One of the primary characteristics of this interior design style is that a particular piece drives each room.

Farmhouse style is considered minimalistic and allows you to relax and rewind while keeping elegance and functionality in mind.

Farmhouse Style interiors

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